Mike Glennon’s brother surprised by QB change in Tampa Bay

BY foxsports • September 25, 2013

By Ross Jones, FOXSports.com Moments after Mike Glennon was handed the quarterback job in Tampa Bay, he texted his brother Sean. “I’m starting,” Glennon wrote, his older brother and former Virginia Tech quarterback told FOXSports.com. “I tried to give him a call and he didn’t pick up. Then he texted me that he was in meetings.” Sean Glennon, who texts with his brother on a daily basis, will have to get used to his younger brother being more difficult to get a hold of now that he’s a rookie starting quarterback. Head coach Greg Schiano informed Josh Freeman on Wednesday morning that he would be benching him in place of the third-round pick out of North Carolina State. A budding friction between Freeman and Mike Glennon would seem natural. Sean Glennon said this is not the case. “[Mike] has told me that there has been no tension between the two,” Sean said. "I’ve met Josh before and I had a couple of friends who have been on the Bucs and they’ve all raved about him that he’s easygoing and easy to get along with. Mike has said the same thing. “He expected there to be a little tension between the two and that [Josh] might not be the nicest guy in the world to Mike, but Mike has said that he’s been great. They help each other and they encourage each other. So [Mike] has said it’s almost been oddly easy getting along with Josh compared to what he thought it might be like. “I actually remember Josh called my brother on draft day and said welcome to the family. Josh has been really good to Mike and he’s been good in return. It seems like they have a very non-frictional relationship.” Although rumblings have occurred that a change was imminent, Sean Glennon says his brother was never informed of anything. “We had speculated about how if they were 0-4 going into the bye week it made sense, but it was all speculation,” Sean Glennon remembered. “Mike said that he wasn’t told anything or there wasn’t anything definitive so it was purely speculation until this morning. The coaches never told Mike one way or the other if he would or would not be playing. Every week they just kept going with Josh and Mike never asked any questions so they never told him anything. This was somewhat expected, but it was a shock to him." Although it seems like the Buccaneers have had a knee-jerk reaction to Freeman’s poor start, general manager Mark Dominik declared that the decision was calculated and has been thoroughly thought through. "The main thing for us was the performance of the team the last nine games was 1-8 and that's tough,'' Dominik told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday." He hasn't played well. That's a part of it. If you don't have a quarterback in this league, you don't have a shot. We felt like we'd seen enough of what we needed to see.'' Sean Glennon, now a mortgage broker in Virginia, was surprised when he learned how quickly Mike Glennon received the job. “Yeah a little bit,” he said. “If you would’ve asked me without Josh getting hurt, he would be replaced after Week 3, I probably wouldn’t have taken that bet. I would’ve thought that a rookie and a guy that’s been there for a while it might play out a little differently but I understand the coach’s decision." Dominik also said that they made the move so that Glennon could get a full week of preparation and game-plan against the Cardinals. Then he could go into his bye week (Week 5) and evaluate how things went. Rumors have swirled that players inside the Buccaneers locker room don’t respect Schiano and his disciplinarian approach. Last week, cornerback Darrelle Revis had a meeting with Schiano to “clear [the] air” after a report surfaced that the veteran cornerback was unhappy with this coach. According to Sean Glennon, Mike Glennon hasn’t witnessed any animosity or ill feelings toward Schiano and that everyone is on the same page. “He’s actually told me nothing but good things about coach Schiano,” he said. “I know that there has been some media reports that he isn’t getting along with certain players in the locker room, but Mike says that he hasn’t seen anything like that and that coach Schiano is a very well-respected guy. Mike hasn’t had anything but good things to say about him. I know Mike has known him since Schiano recruited him at Rutgers and he’s never had anything but good things to say about him.” Sean Glennon couldn’t be happier for his brother but understands his first start will be challenging. He acknowledges that Mike will be “nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time” and that the rookie QB must harness all his emotions and focus on moving the chains. “Hopefully there will be positive things written about him on Monday mornings.”

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