McDonnell Podcast: Jeanie Buss & Mitch Kupchak

BY foxsports • June 26, 2013

Our Joe McDonnell sat with Lakers executive vice president of business operations, Jeanie Buss, and general manager Mitch Kupchak to discuss the past, present and uncertain future of the storied franchise.

Just four months after the death of legendary team owner Dr. Jerry Buss, Jeanie says the franchise is in good hands - even despite talks of family drama.

"My Dad set it up in a way that will keep our legacy going into the future."  

As for the NBA's new Collective Bargaining Agreement and its impact on the organization, Buss says it's hardly cause for concern.

"We're part of a league and one of 30, but as much as they want to try to revenue share things away, I truly believe that the Lakers always have an advantage they can't take away because of our experience [and] because of the brain power in our front office.

"They can try to even the playing field as much as they can with all their rules and regulations, but the Lakers always have an advantage because of what we've been able to can't revenue share away from us, no matter how hard you try."

Kupchak, meanwhile, discussed the continuing Dwight Howard saga.

"It's a very uneasy period of time...but we've been through it before," he said.

But is he optimistic?

"I'm always optimistic. I'm optimistic because of our franchise, the resources that our franchise has and the city that we live in. That's why I'm optimistic.