Mark Cuban: Brady suspension should be more severe

BY foxsports • July 30, 2015

If there’s a major event happening in the sports world, you can bet Mark Cuban will offer his two cents on it. Cuban did just that recently, and New England Patriots fans won’t like what he had to say.

In light of Roger Goodell’s ruling Tuesday to uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for his alleged role in Deflategate, the Dallas Mavericks owner took to his CyberDust app to deliver a scorching hot take.

Reading past the blatant CyberDust self-promotion, it appears Cuban thinks Goodell should have come down even harder on Brady after he learned the Patriots quarterback destroyed his cell phone.

Cuban clearly sees Brady’s apparent cover-up — which Goodell used as a centerpiece in his decision to uphold Brady’s suspension — as his most heinous crime.

Whether a federal court agrees with Cuban and sides with the NFL remains to be seen. The NFL Players Association filed a petition Wednesday to have Brady’s suspension vacated, but a U.S. District judge ordered Thursday that the case be heard in New York instead of Minnesota.

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