Manziel talk causes problems for Mike Stoops

Manziel talk causes problems for Mike Stoops

Published Jan. 12, 2013 12:23 p.m. ET

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops can't stop talking about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Maybe he should.

A week after the Heisman Trophy winner accounted for more than 500 yards of offense in A&M's 41-13 rout of the Sooners in the AT&T Cotton Bowl on FOX, Stoops was still talking about Manziel.

And it wasn't all good.

Stoops went on an Oklahoma City sports talk radio show Friday and tried to compliment Manziel.

It didn't go so well.

"They're (the Aggies) going to be tough to deal with," Stoops said. "If they can keep him out of jail or keep him eligible, he's gonna be pretty good. If they can keep him off the Twitter, he might win three or four Heismans. He'll have that type of ability."

Stoops' comments did come with a chuckle but the damage was done. The Tulsa World reported that Stoops reached out through the OU athletics department Friday to indicate he regretted what was said..

Stoops has talked plenty about Manziel in the last week. Immediately after the Cotton Bowl loss, Stoops said he thought Manziel was the best player he'd ever seen.

He also made a Heisman prediction then too, but it had nothing to do with jail or eligibility.

"He'll have a chance to win four of them (Heismans) if he stays healthy," Stoops said at the time.

Manziel, 20, has been a frequent target of critics despite his success.

He was arrested last summer after an altercation near an off-campus nighspot and was charged with three misdemeanors. Manziel has also been very visible in the social media world -- he's had pictures taken of him on Twitter with the likes of LeBron James and the Jonas Brother. Following the Cotton Bowl, Manziel was also pictured at a casino in Oklahoma with cash in hand and at a Dallas club with alcohol bottles in his possession.

Manizel talked about how much his life has changed before the Cotton Bowl.

"Before you could put pictures on Twitter and it's not a big deal," Manziel said. "Now you put a picture of a Christmas gift or a picture of you sitting at a game and you have NCAA violation this, illegal benefit that. It's something that people enjoy doing stuff like that. It's crazy to see how the microscope has come down on me."

But at least the Heisman winner is starting to take things in stride.

Manziel hasn't responded to the Stoops comments and also recently visited a hospital and took a picture with a patient.

His tweet from the stop: 'Great visit to the hospital today in Connecticut made a ton of new friends. Hopefully this picture passes compliance.'