Mailbag: Too early to dump Vick?

BY foxsports • November 10, 2011

Brian: Better RB for ROS: Jackie Battle or Willis McGahee?

McGahee. With Tim Tebow under center, expect Denver to disregard the passing game in favor of the run. This direction should facilitate a fantasy bounty for McGahee owners, who have seen the Bronco back rush for 620 yards in his last six games. Knowshon Moreno and Lance Ball pose little danger in snatching away carries, so look for McGahee to do some serious work in the second half of the season.

Not to say I’m down on Battle after his hiccup against the Dolphins. Three of his next four games come against exploitable rush defenses (Denver, New England, Chicago), and Battle continues to see the bulk of carries in the crowded Kansas City backfield. Yet Denver’s transformation into an option-spread offense gives the matchup tilt to McGahee.

Zach Morris: Kelly or Jessie? And Laurent, Denarius or Torrey ROS?

Neither. Jessie’s arrogance and pretentiousness always got on my nerves, and Kelly loved to listen to George Michael (enough said). If we are choosing childhood TV crushes, I’m going with Summer Sanders from NBA Inside Stuff. Not only was she easy on the eyes, but she was the only women I knew who appreciated a properly executed pick-and-roll. Aw, memories.

On to more pressing matters: he’s displayed a proclivity of dropping the ball (which is somewhat of an issue since, you know, his job is to catch the pigskin); however, I like the ROS (rest of season) forecast for Baltimore’s Smith. Joe Flacco throws one of the better deep balls in the league, and Smith’s speed provides him a presence to accomplish that endeavor. His route running is still unpolished, but Smith possesses the agility and quickness to overcome this impediment. Robinson’s valuable only with Miles Austin sidelined, and there’s too much ambiguity in the Raider receiving corps to trust Moore on a weekly basis.

Marshall: Trading TE Aaron Hernandez for RB LeGarrette Blount. Is this a good trade?

Blount hasn’t quite lived up to preseason projections, and missing two games with a sprained left knee added fuel to the flames. Still, Blount is averaging 4.44 yards per carry and his team’s second-half slate is far from arduous. Undoubtedly, Hernandez is one of the best at his position, especially in PPR leagues. Regrettably for him, the market is oversaturated with serviceable tight ends, hampering his value. (Although you obviously traded him, so what the hell do I know?) Bearing in mind the lack of viable running backs this season, not a bad trade at all.

Chris: So I traded Mike Wallace and Cedric Benson for Michael Vick. Was I trade (robbed)? Should I call the police?

As long as you have an adequate backup quarterback, I’d refrain from dialing 9-1-1. Vick’s been good this season, rushing for over 450 yards and tossing for another 2,000. Problem is, owners took the gamble on the Philly field general (and make no mistake, selecting Vick was a gamble) expecting fantasy greatness, and in that regard, Vick has come up short. He has yet make an excursion into the end zone on the ground (compared to nine trips last season), and owns a mediocre touchdown-interception mark of 11-9. LeSean McCoy’s excellence has acted as an unexpected obstacle, as the Eagle running back is taking away touches from Vick in the red zone. Another hurdle has been the inability of DeSean Jackson to create separation in the secondary in the past month.

If Vick turns in a few spectacular performances, try to avoid trader’s remorse. Wallace is a top-3 fantasy receiver this season, and Benson is in a cherished minority of backs in the league not stuck in a split-back committee. Vick offers upside and excitement, but for frustrated owners, getting value while you still can isn’t the worst of ideas.

Your Mom: Can I finally expect Dez (Bryant) to have a big game with Miles Austin out for a few weeks?

Hey now, Dez hasn’t been that bad this season. As I wrote in yesterday’s Fantasy Fever column, Bryant has posted 76 or more yards in three of his past four games. Many are looking to Laurent Robinson to make noise in the absence of Austin, and he very well could. Personally, I’m operating my lineup this weekend under the impression that Tony Romo will be looking in the directions of Jason Witten and Bryant to offset the loss of Austin, especially against an undersized and overmatched Buffalo pass defense.

Colt McCoy: What's less inventive the Browns play book or a Carlos Mencia joke?

Going with the Browns playbook, simply because Carlos Mencia’s material shouldn’t be classified as “jokes.” That chump is to comedy as Pop Tarts are to a balanced breakfast.

GNUN: Should I start Tebow or Ponder?

Tebow’s rushing prowess has vaulted him into the top tier of fantasy quarterbacks, so go with the former Heisman winner. That said, for those in two-QB formats or for owners willing to roll the dice, Ponder is facing the worst secondary in the NFC this week (the Packers are surrendering 299.6 yards per contest) and the rookie looked solid in his last outing against the Panthers (18-for-28, 236 yards, touchdown). It won’t be easy going into Lambeau on Monday night, yet with Percy Harvin expected back in the mix for the Vikes, you can do a lot worse than Ponder this week.

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