Longhorns top list of highest valued football players

BY foxsports • September 24, 2013

The debate over collegiate athletes, in particular football players, is everywhere these days.

Texans star running back Arian Foster made waves when he admitted he took money on the side while a senior at the University of Tennessee, partly, because he didn't have any money for food.

And during college football's Week 4, athletes where spotted with the initials "APU" written on wristbands. The acronyms stood for "All Players United." 

Now, a new report from Business Insider adds another element to the debate.

According to data obtained through AL.com, a single University of Texas football player's Fair Market Value is worth $578,000. That number topped the list of 25 schools with the greatest valued football players. Longhorns are worth more than $100,000 of the No. 2 school Michigan.

The numbers were calculated using the NFL's collective bargaining agreement where players receive a minimum of 47 percent of all revenue. Then that number was then divided by 85 scholarship players.

The No. 25 school USC came in at $191,000 per player. With numbers like those, it may be hard to argue that scholarships are enough players for student athletes.

And Mack Brown agrees. During Big 12 Media Days prior to the start of the season, Brown admitted he believed his players should receive a chunk of the money the university brings in.

"I do think players need to be paid. These players are killing themselves and at Texas last year, we made $163 million," Brown said according to Darren Rovell.

In 2012, Texas was named college football's most valuable team by Forbes magazine.

Below is the complete Top 25 rankings by Business Insider.

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