LeBron mum on possible return to Cavaliers

March 20, 2013

CLEVELAND -- LeBron James is back in Cleveland, which means the question had to be asked.

Actually, the idea of James returning the Cavaliers someday probably didn’t need to be brought up at all, but you knew someone would do it, anyway.

Unlike two seasons ago -- when James hinted playing for the team that drafted him was a possibility -- he gave the politically correct response Wednesday.

“Right now, I’m focused on right now,” said James, in his third season with Miami and 10th overall. “I don’t really get involved in the road ahead of me. I kind of live in the moment.”

James was speaking prior to the Heat’s game against the Cavs. Miami entered the night winners of 23 straight.

The Cavs, on the other hand, had lost three straight and would be without their injured starting backcourt of Kyrie Irving (shoulder) and Dion Waiters (knee).

Outside of some strong praise of Irving, James didn’t really address the Cavs much, either.

“I haven’t really paid much attention,” he said. “I’ve kind of got my own thing going.”

James was gracious but direct with reporters, chatting with some Cleveland media members following the official interview session.

He spoke of the Heat’s winning streak and whether he’s having his best season, and even admitted he still has fond memories from his first seven years in Cleveland.

“We’re not really talking about (the winning streak),” James said. “We’re going about every game as if it’s its own. If we catch (the 1971-72 Lakers’ 33-game streak), it’d be a remarkable accomplishment. But we’re not trying to catch it or saying it’s our goal.”

James, who won two of his three NBA MVPs with the Cavs, is averaging 26.7 points and shooting a career-high 56 percent from the field. He said he’s moved on from his time in Cleveland (2003-10), and thinks perhaps Cleveland has done the same.

“I haven’t spent much time in Cleveland, other than the summer time back home,” he said. “Even being back home is kind of different. But I don’t really know. I’ve moved on, and they’ve got some really good pieces here … but I have no idea.”

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