Lance Armstrong calls himself Lord Voldemort, says people want to pretend he never lived

BY Brett Smiley • June 11, 2015

In July, cycling pariah Lance Armstrong will participate in the charity event "One Day Ahead," returning to the scene of his seven Tour de France victories. But if a competitor has had his title (or seven) stripped, did the win ever occur?

That's the quandary facing Armstrong, who lamented in a group interview recently that the cycling community, media and world at large pretends as if he never existed (emphasis added):

Armstrong also said, referring to rampant drug use throughout the sport and the Tour champion from 1999 to 2005:

The problem among the many problems with Armstrong's conduct in the years before he finally admitted his guilt to Oprah was his complete brazenness and treatment of those who dared to speak the truth. To continue the Harry Potter theme, Armstrong starred in these films:

- Lance Armstrong and the Chamber of Lies

- Lance Armstrong and More Lawsuits, More Intimidation

Most everyone deserves a second chance but not a place in the history books or adoration.  

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