LA loves Ballmer and the feeling's mutual: 'We're here for the long run' (VIDEO)

BY foxsports • June 18, 2015

Selfies are cool. Selfies with Steve Ballmer are cooler, for Clippers fans.

To top it off, Ballmer hands out cupcakes ... and not just any cupcakes .... Sprinkles cupcakes, complete with his team's new logo on top. 

Only the best for Ballmer. 

The enthusiasm he shows on a game to game basis was given right back to him by Clippers fans at Sprinkles cupcakes in Downtown LA on Thursday morning. A host of Clippers fans were on hand for one of the 32 stops on the team's unveiling tour. 

Ballmer handed out cupcakes and t-shirts with the new logo, posed for pictures, signed autographs ... Clippers fans were smitten. 

"I love you," one lady screamed at the top of her lungs as the Clippers owner made his rounds.

Yes, Clippers fans love their Ballmer ... and he loves them, too.

As an act to show them the team is here to stay, the former Microsoft mogul with ties to the Pacific Northwest made it clear with the new logo.

"You get the 'C' of Clippers wrapping around and embracing 'LA,'" he explained. "(It's) probably really important for me as a Seattle guy to make sure people know we love LA and we're here for the long run."  

Ballmer taking over ownership of the team less than a year ago signaled change, not just for the organization but for its fan base as well. 

The rebranding that was unveiled Thursday was long overdue, in his opinion, but couldn't be done any sooner in compliance with NBA rules. He also showed his comedic side in a 'Funny or Die' video.

Black has been added to the team colors because "it's kind of a hip, modern, color." 

Whether it's an impromptu concert from Fergie during a timeout on the floor or watching the owner put together an introductory press conference that rivals a WWE pay-per-view, Ballmer is finding more and more ways to make it hip to Clip. The fans love it. In just a short amount of time, Ballmer's breath of fresh air has elevated him to rock star status amongst the team's fan base. 

"The man is everywhere!" said longtime Clippers fan Haas Sullivan. "He's dancing with Fergie, he's on 'Conan,' he's at Sprinkles. From day one he's done a great job of rallying the fans and getting everyone to be excited about the Clippers organization, and trying to create a winning culture for our team." 

Whether you're a fan of the new logo or not, whether your initial reaction to it was "blah" or "bravo," you can't help but appreciate the enthusiasm with which it was presented by the Clippers owner.

The man takes selfies and hands out cupcakes ... what's not to like about that?