KU Boobs Takes Internet By Storm

KU Boobs Takes Internet By Storm

Published Jan. 15, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

There are all sorts of genius uses of social media. Kony, Jonna Chizik rallying Auburn fans, now meet the latest iteration, #kuboobs. The idea is simple enough to be espoused on the Twitter feed: "We support our team by tweeting ourselves in our favorite KU shirts and apparel. We do not promote nudity. #kuboobs

What do they promote instead? Boobs in Kansas shirts.

Outkick the Coverage is a big fan of boobs, as evidenced by this past summer's boob draft, which was wildly popular.

There are 14,000 Twitter followers for this account.


That number is about to explode.

As are a thousand new versions doing the same thing for their favorite teams. My prediction: #georgiaboobs will break the Internet.

Because this is pure genius.

As is this video which mixes Kansas boobs in with the opening of the KU basketball montage.

Somewhere the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain nods in silent approval.

The only thing that can make rooting for your favorite team better?

Social media boobs.

Well played, Kansas, well played indeed.

Go follow Kuboobs today.