Kliff Kingsbury Says Johnny Manziel Should Be Number One Overall Pick

Kliff Kingsbury Says Johnny Manziel Should Be Number One Overall Pick

Published Dec. 19, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

This week's Outkick the Podcast guest was Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury.

I think you guys are going to enjoy it. 

Also, we listened to all of you who complained because you didn't download podcasts so in addition to the podcast, which you can sign up for here, I will now be posting each Outkick the podcast in embeddable format which you can listen to on Outkick below. 

Kingsbury's podcast is posted below.


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So what's Kliff Kingsbury like?

I think you'll get a little bit better sense below. 


Yes, Kingsbury really declined to answer when I asked him if he had a girlfriend. 

That's outstanding. And unfortunate for all the girls -- and guys -- who wish he was single. 

Among many things, Kingsbury said he believes Johnny Manziel should be the overall number one pick in this year's NFL Draft.

Do I agree?

Dive in below to find out as we discussed this last night on FoxSports Live.

Yeah, yeah, I know, my shirt collar was screwed up. 

Stop looking at that, my wife and mom already complained via text. 

And for those of you asking about Mario Williams vs. Vince Young, what did the Texans really gain from Williams that the Titans didn't get from Vince Young two picks later? The Texans won a single playoff game with Williams and they no longer have him. Vince Young won rookie of the year, started a playoff game for the Titans, went 30-17 as a starting quarterback,  and made two Pro Bowls. Williams made two Pro Bowls and then left via free agency the year after Young left the Titans. 

That's pretty much a push in my book.