Kidd's 'secret weapon' to recover from injury

BY foxsports • February 8, 2012

Out with a strained right calf muscle, Mavericks guard Jason Kidd, hasn't been practicing and called himself "day-to-day" on Tuesday.

In his attempt to quickly return to the court, Kidd has been utilizing cryotherapy. Similar to an ice bath, cryotherapy involves a person standing in a cylindrical chamber while cold air is released around their body, bringing the temperature down to as low as 300 degrees below zero, according to

"I think cryotherapy is excellent for anybody and not just athletes," Kidd said Tuesday on The Ben and Skin Show [KESN-FM], according to "I did buy into it at the end of the season. It came April and [head athletic trainer Casey Smith] asked me to try it out and I felt great throughout the playoff run. I thought, hey, this could be something that could help me throughout my career. It’s not as bad as getting in a cold tub. It takes you at least 3-4 minutes to get into the cold tub. This is a process that you step in the tub and you’re in there for about 2-3 minutes and you’re out and you feel great."

The 17-year NBA veteran point guard said cryotherapy was the Mavs' "secret weapon" during the playoffs last season.

"In Portland, NIKE had one on campus, so during the Portland series we got to use the one at NIKE," Kidd explained. "They also had one in L.A., but the drive was a little bit too far. We definitely used it in that series. The big thing is that it is going to be in every locker room and probably on every campus because of what it does to the body and how you feel and the success rate it’s had so far."

In regards to a health update, Kidd added that although he is feeling "a lot better" he will have to practice before he's cleared to play. Kidd has missed the last five games because of the injury.

"Hopefully I’ll be out there this week," he said.


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