Justin Pugh gets mobbed by his boys after Giants draft him

BY foxsports • April 26, 2013

When Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants dialed Justin Pugh’s cell number to notify him that he was going to be selected 19th overall, they had no idea what was on the other side of the phone. Oh, just a mob of Pugh’s boys ready to swarm when they heard the news that “The Big Blue Wrecking Crew” was taking their guy in the first round. Pugh, who played four seasons at Syracuse, was beyond ecstatic in a YouTube clip that surfaced Friday morning. The video sums up perfectly what draft night means to these prospects. It’s everything. His mother even spent nearly $1,200 for every teams hat -- we checked, yes, New Era hats cost nearly $40 a pop -- so he would be able to wear it when the moment arrived. Hope she saved the receipt! Even if she didn't, she can probably complain her way into some store credit. Here's a picture from @ThePughCrew, Pugh's Twitter account.

Pugh got to know the Giants’ brass really well at the Combine in February and even did a little sucking up to the staff. When Pugh was asked which Syracuse alum he was most familiar with, he responded “Coughlin,” the Giants head coach revealed in a press release. “Everybody started laughing and they said, ‘Welcome to the New York Giants.’ I guess I should have seen that as a little bit of a sign that they might be targeting me,” Pugh said. “So I guess it turned out real well. As soon as I got the phone call, my step-dad said, ‘It was a good thing you answered that question the way you did, because obviously it got them very interested in you.’” Whatever it takes. We’re guessing Pugh had one helluva party on Thursday night. One more thing ... did anyone else notice the guy wearing the Eagles jersey? Pugh reportedly grew up a die-hard Philly fan. That fanhood ended last night.

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