Julian Edelman describes the worst kind of football fart during Q&A

BY Jimmy Traina • October 14, 2015

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Tuesday afternoon and shed light on many important issues.

Topics covered included farting, Edelman's bromance with Tom Brady, Gronk's reading skills, how Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo compare in the looks department and much more.

Edelman revealed that the worst kind of football fart is the huddle fart.

As for his relationship with Brady, it's going strong, but he's still in the market for a new best friend after running back Shane Vereen left New England for the Giants.

When someone asked if Rob Gronkowski can read, Edelman gave the best answer possible.

The entire AMA, which is worth reading thanks to Edelman's sense of humor, was a smash hit, much to the delight of Edelman.

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