Jolly Rancher causes Cowboy to miss practice?

BY foxsports • July 30, 2013

Things aren't so sweet for one Dallas Cowboy at training camp.

Safety Barry Church missed Monday's practice because of a Jolly Rancher, according to the Dallas Morning News.

A cherry-flavored one to be exact.

Church reportedly chipped his tooth a few weeks ago and needed a root canal because of the piece of candy.

"I felt it a little on and off, but it wasn't nothing crazy," Church told the Morning News. "I woke up that morning and the pain was crazy."

Church will be back at practice on Tuesday, but will he be laying off the treats from now on?

Not exactly.

"No more Jolly Ranchers," he said. "I've got to stick to the soft stuff. Starbursts, Skittles, stuff like that."

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