Johnny Manziel living it up on spring break

March 15, 2013

A photo of a college kid on spring break holding up a bottle of tequila isn't a big deal – unless your name is Johnny Manziel.

The latest episode in Manziel's love/hate affair with social media is an Instagram picture of him living it up on a beach in Cabo San Lucas. Manziel is shown holding a bottle of tequila (if you can see past the giant bottle of vodka his buddy is holding up).

The picture, and another one like it, soon spread across the internet on blogs, even more mainstream sites like The Dallas Morning News.

There's nothing illegal about the picture. The drinking age in Mexico is 18; Manziel is 20. Besides, there's no age requirement to hold a bottle of liquor.

But when you're the face of not just Texas A&M, but all of college football, everything is a controversy.

Just a couple of days before, Manziel was photographed in Cabo with his shirt off and sporting a tattoo that suspiciously looked like the logo of the arch-rival Texas Longhorns.

It's fairly well-known that Manziel grew up a fan of the burnt orange before switching allegiances. However, the Longhorn tattoo caused such an uproar that Manziel took to twitter to say, "FAKE tattoo…"

That didn't solve everything -- Manziel then proceeded to get into a Twitter war with some of his cyber-critics.

Manziel showed some nifty moves in winning the Heisman, but he hasn't been able to shake the microscope that follows his every move.

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