Johnny Football shows off trick-shot skills

BY foxsports • January 24, 2013

You might be able to successfully argue that half the things Johnny Manziel does on the football field are trick shots, but now the Texas A&M quarterback has taken his game into the realm of the trick shot, YouTube, in a video that is every bit as astonishing as anything he did in a football game this year.

You'll have to watch it for yourself, but just so you're emotionally prepared, this video includes Manziel throwing a football from the very top of Kyle Field into a basketball hoop in the end zone. It shows him hitting clay pigeons, mid-air, with a football. He pops balloons with a football.

The extent to which this is amazing is slightly tempered by the fact that a couple of other guys in the video -- part of some kind of College Station-based trick shot troupe of some sort -- are able to perform many of the same feats, and none of them have won the Heisman Trophy.

But still ...