Jerry Jones speaks about tragic incident

December 9, 2012

Jerry Jones appeared emotional as he spoke Sunday during the Fox pregame show about the death of linebacker Jerry Brown.
The Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager, who had red, watery eyes, said the best way the "grieving" Cowboys players could honor their former teammate would be to "go out and play well."
"For the last few hours our focus has been on Jerry Brown," Jones said. "Our team loved him."
Brown was killed early Saturday morning when a car driven by Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent hit a curb that caused his car to flip over.
Brent was arrested on an intoxicated manslaughter charge and is currently being held in the Irving City Jail.
"First of all, we all know, but we remind ourselves that there is something more important than football, and this is life, and certainly the lost life of Jerry," Jones said. "On the other hand, they know the best way they can honor Jerry, because he was such a hard worker, so conscientious and enthusiastic about his career, the best thing they can do for him is go out and play the way he would have liked to have seen them play and a team that he would have wanted to be a part of."
During a pregame interview on 105.3 The Fan, Jones said he had spoken with Brown’s mother twice earlier in the day.
"Our hearts are certainly with his mother and his family," Jones said. "We are all, of course, so sympathetic to what their family is going through."