JABO's evolving ...

JABO's evolving ...

Published Aug. 7, 2014 4:44 p.m. ET

... and will keep evolving, and significantly. At least over the next few weeks and maybe months.

Wednesday night, our engineering team rolled out some exciting (for us, anyway) new features and enhancements:

- We fixed a bug that kept the number of comments from showing up near the headlines on the landing pages. Now you can quickly see how many comments we've got on each feature -- which is what we call our non-Baseball Joe items -- which I hope encourages even more comments. And by the way, I'll be engaging regularly in the comments sections, and I really hope to see you there.

- We added an "Insiders" module that features all the news hits from our crack reporters, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi.


- We added an "Interactive" module that will include links to recent chats and podcasts. Right now, quite frankly, that list is a bit stale, but we'll be beefing up soon with more chats and (I hope) podcasts.

- We've now got the ability to embed images and videos within Baseball Joe posts, which opens up a lot of things for us.

There were other, smaller things I won't bother mentioning. Mostly esthetic changes you probably won't notice, but were bothering us.

This really is just the beginning, as we've a whole list of further improvements to the page, including a number you've suggested (and I've been assiduously saving those suggestions, including the ever-popular request for an RSS feed).

Thanks for reading, and please keep sending me your ideas.