It’s late July and Doug Marrone already can’t stand the media in Buffalo

BY foxsports • July 31, 2013

It’s safe to say Bills head coach Doug Marrone won’t be answering any more questions about Mario Williams. Following a day of productive practice during the team’s training camp, the local media asked Marrone about Mario Williams’ sore foot, which has caused the defensive end to miss practice for consecutive days. The pestering media didn’t like the answer Marrone gave, so naturally they asked again. Let’s just say it got underneath the skin of Marrone, who is in his first stint as an NFL coach. Although Marrone didn’t completely lose his s---, he did ask AP reporter John Wawrow, who isn’t featured in the video above, if he would be able to call one of Buffalo’s plays: That's not my job," Wawrow replied."Do you know the play?" Marrone asked."I really couldn't tell you because I've not seen your playbook," Wawrow replied with a shrug."Right, OK?" Marrone said. "I haven't talked to the doctor. I haven't seen the playbook."Wawrow then attempted to ask his question."I'm done!" Marrone shot at him. "I'm not answering any more questions about Mario Williams until the doctor gives me this." The reporter followed up with a question asking if Williams is being excused from practice and Marrone responded by saying, “That’s not a legitimate question.” (h/t Buffalo News)