Isom unlikely; Miles offers 14-year-old

BY foxsports • July 26, 2012


Do you remember Mo Isom?

She’s the homecoming queen/soccer player who tried out for the LSU football team in the spring as a kicker. Our Steve Eubanks wrote an excellent story about her incredible journey a few months ago when it looked like she had a shot to score a roster spot.

Isom is getting another tryout in the fall, but it’s unlikely she makes the team. reported that Les Miles is skeptical of her chances to make the team because their current kicker, Drew Alleman, is already so good.

"The idea that she beats him (Alleman) out in pressure kicks during preseason practice? Not likely," Miles told the Baton Rouge Rotary Club.

The fact is, Miles only has so many roster spots on his team and with a kicker as reliable as Alleman it doesn’t necessarily make sense to carry a backup.

Miles did, however, find enough room to offer a 14-year old who impressed at an LSU summer camp.

Dylan Moses, a 6-foot, 205-pound monster of a middle schooler, ran a 4.46 40 at the camp which was enough for Miles to offer him a spot in his 2017 class, GeauxTigerNation reported

Anything can happen between now and 2017, so it’s impossible to say whether this will go through. Billy Gillispie once recruited 14-year old Michael Avery to play at Kentucky. He since signed with Sonoma State.

Now, it’s easy to look good on the field at a young age. What 14-year old that size wouldn’t dominate other 14-year-olds? But standing out at a camp with several 2014 recruits is a different story. Moses might actually have what it takes.

The bigger question is how this will affect the psyche of a kid who's growing every day? What will happen to his work ethic? His ego? His studies?

That all remains to be seen, but for now it seems that one incredible female will be denied a chance to make history and one 14-year old boy may be given the chance to make it.

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