Internet responds to Tom Brady ruling with hilarious 'Teflon Tom' memes and more

September 3, 2015

The protracted "Deflategate" saga resulting in the nullification of Tom Brady's four-game suspension will conclude (pending a league appeal) with memes.

Anyone who spends a few minutes a day on the Internet knew this was inevitable.

In light of Brady defeating Roger Goodell and the league's suspension, much thanks to his attorneys led by NFL nemesis Jeffrey Kessler, many news outlets and observers are calling the quarterback "Teflon Tom."

For our younger readers, that's a reference not only to Rick Ross' fourth studio album but also mobster John Gotti, who earned the nickname "Teflon Don" by repeatedly preventing criminal charges from "sticking."

Anyhow, you'll see some Rick Ross in this collection along with some older memes and absurdities. Here we go, and keep them coming!

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