IAAF to allow women to compete in 50K walk for 1st time

April 11, 2016

MONACO (AP) Track and field's world governing body says women will be allowed to compete in 50-kilometer race walk events for the first time.

The 50K had been the last event in IAAF competitions that had remained open only to men.

The IAAF tells The Associated Press that its ruling council has amended its rules to allow women to compete along with men in the 50K at the World Race Walking Team Championships in Rome from May 7-8.

The results will count equally with the men's toward the overall team result.


The decision covers participation of female athletes in future mixed races until the IAAF introduces a separate 50K for women.

The move followed a petition to the IAAF by American race walker Erin Taylor-Talcott. She called it a ''huge and amazing step for women's rights and for female race walkers all over the world.''