I know batting average is stupid but...

BY foxsports • December 10, 2014

Without any context, this isn't particularly interesting:

Here's some context: Last season, Stephen Drew batted .162 in 300 plate appearances. This was an historic achievement! Or whatever's the opposite of achievement. Among players with at least 250 plate appearances in a season since 1969, Drew's .162 average ranks sixth-lowest.*

* Bizarrely, Mike Olt's .160 average last season ranks fourth-worst. Which is a good reason to like the Cubs' chances next season, since there's just no WAY the Cubs will let a .160 hitter play so often again.

So why is anyone interested in Drew? Mostly because he was really good in 2013. And as poorly as he hit last season, he still played decently at shortstop. And there was a mitigating factor, as he skipped spring training and didn't sign with anyone until late May, didn't play in the majors until early June.

Still, shouldn't potential suitors be concerned that Drew's August and September were almost exactly as terrible as his June and July?

Probably a little, yes. On the other hand, his line-drive and walk and strikeout percentages weren't ridiculously lower in 2014 than his career marks. So we certainly expect him to hit significantly better in 2015. He would almost have to, even with his eyes closed. Which is why he should be in someone's Opening Day lineup next spring, absent terrible struggles in March.

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