Hudson bringing life to Cavs

Published Apr. 10, 2012 10:43 p.m. ET

CLEVELAND -- Random observations from the Cavaliers' 103-90 win over Charlotte on Tuesday at The Q:

1. Lester Hudson. Those are two words Cavs fans are saying with an exclamation point after watching the 6-foot-3 guard total 51 points in his previous two games. That included a game-high 25 points against the awful Bobcats.

2. What makes this more impressive is how Hudson has done it. He only knows two speeds — fast and faster. In Sunday's overtime loss in New Jersey, Hudson scored 18 points in the fourth quarter. Against the Bobcats, it was 14 in the fourth. Both times, he's come off the bench.

3. Cavs fans older than the age of 35 are comparing Hudson to Vinnie Johnson, a guard on the Bad Boys Pistons teams (Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Joe Dumars) of the late 1980s. Johnson was known as "The Microwave," as he often came off the bench to score bushels of baskets in a matter of minutes. Hudson is a little undersized to play shooting guard in the NBA — but so was Johnson, a valuable player on two title-winning teams.

4. Almost as impressive was how Hudson finished with eight rebounds and six assists. The man plays like his hair is on fire with eyes wide open, body always moving and trying to make something happen.

5. Mike S. asked on Twitter: "Do you think Hudson has any long-term place on the team or is this just bottom-feeding, cellar-dweller success?"

6. My answer: It's way too early to tell. All you can go by is what we've seen so far. If that's our criteria, then yes, he's certainly worth a longer look. You can expect the Cavs to give him one in the summer league in July, and then perhaps in training camp in October. Right now, he's exactly what they need in the backcourt off the bench. It's almost like the Cavs found a second-round steal long before the June draft.

7. At the very least, I hope to see Hudson play next to Kyrie Irving at least once.

8. I spoke to former NBA and current D-League coach Eric Musselman about Hudson, and Musselman made it pretty clear he had no doubts about Hudson's ability to score at this level. He also liked Hudson's maturity — citing the fact that while Hudson has spent the majority of his career in the minors or overseas, he's 27-years old and very confident.

9. As I mentioned in a column earlier this week, Hudson said he was too timid in his other NBA stops (Memphis, Washington, Boston). You can tell that's not going to be the case this time. If the man is open (and sometimes, even when he's not), it's going up.

10. Granted, the Bobcats stink. So do the Nets and Raptors, teams which Hudson has played his big games. So it will be interesting to see what he does against good teams that are fighting for playoff position. The Cavs have a few of those opponents coming up, beginning with Wednesday's home game vs. Indiana.

11. Cavs fans probably don't want to hear it, but veteran Anthony Parker has been magnificent in his past two outings, both wins. He scored 27 vs. the Bucks, then 19 vs. the Bobcats. The 27-point performance included 4-for-6 shooting on 3-pointers.

12. That is why you need veterans like Parker and Antawn Jamison. Most winning teams have at least one older guy who has been around and will lead on the floor. It's a big reason why Oklahoma City signed Derek Fisher.

13. While it seems unlikely Parker and Jamison will return, the Cavs can't just go with all youth next season, no matter how badly some fans want them to gut the team. Otherwise, you'll end up like the Bobcats. And who really wants to shoot for the first overall pick in the draft again?

14. Speaking of the Bobcats, I've been really impressed with rookie Kemba Walker, particularly of late. Walker isn't really a point guard, and isn't really a shooting guard. He's just a good young basketball player who is determined and smart. He finished with 20 points on 9-for-13 shooting vs. the Cavs.

15. The Bobcats have three players worth keeping: Walker, shooting guard Gerald Henderson and point guard D.J. Augustin. So there's one team in considerably worse shape than the Cavs. Let's hope the Cavs play the lottery better than Bobcats owner Michael Jordan and his gang have in recent years.

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