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March 6, 2020

We're almost halfway through the inaugural XFL season!

And boy, has this thing been fun so far.

With that said, we're starting to see some trends emerge.

The biggest trend?

The advantage of home-field advantage.

Home teams aren't just winning – they are winning by a lot.

So, if you're a betting man or woman...read carefully.

In Week 1, three of the four home teams – DC, Houston and New York – won their matchups, and each won by 12 points or more.

Week 2 again saw three of the four home teams come out on top – DC, Seattle and Houston. DC won by 27 and got a shutout over the New York Guardians, who had won at home the previous week.

Week 3 has been the only week so far where more than one of the four home teams lost. However, Los Angeles recorded their first win – which happened at home – and they won by 30.

In the same week, St. Louis won by 20 at home.

Week 4 was back to normal, with three of the four home teams winning.

Meanwhile, New York was the only team to lose at home, and DC was the second road team to lose by shutout.

It looks like traveling is causing an issue for teams, at least up until this point.

Not only are road teams struggling to win, they are also struggling to score when not playing at home.

Only one home team has scored fewer than 10 points – Dallas in Week 1.

Conversely, road teams have scored fewer than 10 points six times in four weeks, including two shutouts.

Houston and Dallas are the only two teams with road wins. Meanwhile, Los Angeles, Seattle, DC, Tampa Bay, and New York only have wins that came at home.

There is only one team that has yet to corral a home victory.

Let's Take a Moment...

The home-field advantage of the Saint Louis BattleHawks cannot be beat. It deserves some acknowledgment.

After the Rams relocated to Los Angeles four years ago, the city was deprived of professional football until the XFL arrived.

The fans came out strong in Week 1, even when their squad wasn't at home.

And they keep coming back. Their first home game was against the New York Guardians in Week 3, and nearly 30,000 fans showed up. Their second home game in Week 4 against the Seattle Dragons, another 27,527 attended.

Playing in a dome – where it gets loud and the atmosphere is hype – helps.

Winning helps even more.

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