Hey October, look out for the Marlins

BY foxsports • December 11, 2014

Earlier this morning, I suggested that the Marlins might actually be making a real push for the playoffs, now. Which might well make sense, given how few other National League teams seem to making a real push, now.

Well, now it's pretty clear the Marlins are doing exactly that. Trading prospects for Dan Haren was a win-now move -- and by the way, we still haven't heard if he's going to retire instead of watching Giancarlo Stanton for seven or eight months -- but still left the Marlins in .500 territory, even with Dee Gordon also coming aboard.

Trading prospects for Mat Latos, though? That's another win-now move, and the sort that might actually push the Marlins from 82 wins to 85 ... and at 85, just a little luck actually gets you to 90. And suddenly you're winning the Wild Card Game, upsetting the Dodgers in a Division Series, and thinking about smiting more big boys on your way to a third World Championship for this young franchise.

Okay, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. My point is that a rotation featuring Jose Fernandez, Mat Latos, and Henderson Alvarez will keep you in most of the games. The Marlins are still missing production at both corner infield spots, but this team's now competitive and has a decent shot of being more than just competitive. 

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