Harrison looking to get off to a good start

April 7, 2012

ARLINGTON, Texas — Matt Harrison is eager to see what a little tinkering in the offseason and a strong spring training mean once the season begins for him Sunday night.

Harrison, who won 14 games last season, will make his 2012 debut against Chicago Sunday night. He'll do so with a lot of confidence.

"It's a matter of remembering what I did in spring and using that same aggressiveness and using it in the game tomorrow and see what happens," said Harrison, who had a 1.69 ERA in four spring starts. "It's worked so far so why not keep doing it."

One thing different in Harrison this year he's making sure he's straighter when he comes to the plate. Harrison said last year his left leg would swing open. Now he's trying to be more consistent to the plate and it helps him hit his spots better.

Harrison noticed he was doing that when he was watching video from last season. He worked with an old high school coach in North Carolina in the offseason to make the adjustment.

Harrison, who won his first three starts in 2011, would like to get off to another quick start.

"It's important for every pitcher to get off to a good start," he said. "You have a good first month it's something you can build off of. You want to have a good game every time out but unfortunately baseball doesn't work like that. Hopefully it's more good than not."


In Friday's season opener, Craig Gentry came into the game in center in the ninth inning and Josh Hamilton shifted to left.

The decision on who was going to play where wasn't made by Texas manager Ron Washington. That decision came from Hamilton.

"I wasn't going to move Hamilton out of centerfield," Washington said. "I'm glad he made the decision, he and Gentry. I was just going to put Gentry in left but Hamilton said Gentry is more comfortable in center and he had no problem moving to left. I'm not going to overrule my players when they think something is best. I love them for it."

Washington also said the decision by Elvis Andrus to bunt in the first inning to get Ian Kinsler to third base was all Andrus.