Hall Fame ballot Randy Johnson Pedro Martinez candidates glut

BY foxsports • November 24, 2014

Okay, so this isn'™t exactly new news. But the BBWAA's new Hall of Fame ballot is just ridiculously stuffed. This might actually be the first time I'm glad the BBWAA doesn't think I'™m a baseball writer. Because leaving truly deserving candidates off my ballot would be, for a moment at least, painful.

First, the entire list of balloted candidates:

Rich Aurilia, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Aaron Boone, Tony Clark, Roger Clemens, Carlos Delgado, Jermaine Dye, Darin Erstad, Cliff Floyd, Nomar Garciaparra, Brian Giles, Tom Gordon, Eddie Guardado, Randy Johnson, Jeff Kent, Edgar Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Don Mattingly, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, Mike Mussina, Troy Percival, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling, Jason Schmidt, Gary Sheffield, Lee Smith, John Smoltz, Sammy Sosa, Alan Trammell, Larry Walker

Now, when you wen through those names, how many were easy for you? For me, all these were easy: Bagwell, Biggio, Bonds, Clemens, Johnson, P. Martinez, Mussina, Piazza, Schilling, Smoltz, Trammell.

So that’s 11. Gotta lop somebody off. Which would be difficult enough, even though I’ve been personally repelled by Bonds’ and Clemens’ public personae.

But that’s not even the real problem for these candidates. The real problem is that Jeff Kent, Edgar Martinez, Don Mattingly, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, Tim Raines, Gary Sheffield, Lee Smith, Sammy Sosa, and Larry Walker all did things in their careers that actual Hall of Famers have done, historically. One might argue that this ballot contains more than 20 viable candidates. Which makes it terribly difficult for any particular candidate to be elected.

So I won’t be at all surprised if Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez are the only ones who make it this time.