Guy could get $20,000 for Vince Lombardi sweater he bought for $0.58

BY Jimmy Traina • February 10, 2015

A North Carolina man is hoping to turn a sweater he bought for $0.58 into $20,000.

The sweater just happened to belong to Vince Lombardi during his time as an assistant coach at West Point from 1949-53.

Sean McEvoy, of Ashville, North Carolina, purchased the vintage piece of clothing from a local Goodwill store last June.

However, it wasn't until McEvoy was watching TV one night that he realized he may have something valuable.

"I was watching a Vince Lombardi documentary and I said to my wife, 'We have a sweater just like that,' " McEvoy told " 'Wouldn't it be great if it was actually Vince Lombardi's?' "

McEvoy then headed to Dallas to have an authenticator to evaluate the sweater. That's when he got the news that it was indeed Lombardi's sweater.

"They examined the types of fabric that are used on the sweater, the different types of stitching," Chris Nerat said, consignment director at Heritage. "I think that it could easily hit the $20,000 range."

The auction for McEvoy's sweater will take place on Feb. 21.

(Hat Tip: Yahoo Sports)

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