Gut reaction: Percy Harvin could have slight tear in his hip

BY foxsports • July 25, 2013

When big news breaks, it brings out a visceral reaction. There’s always that one thought that immediately flashes in your mind. It could be overboard or blown out of proportion, but it’s your gut reaction.WHAT HAPPENED?Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin could have a slight tear in his hip, according to multiple reports. Head coach Pete Carroll told reporters that the team will ‘take it step by step,’ and wait to hear another opinion. Here is what we at Laces Out think about it: ROSS JONES: Percy Harvin might need surgery on his hip?! Say it ain’t so. Harvin has missed 21 games in his first four seasons and has battled a wide variety of injuries. When he’s on the field, he’s productive and one of the most explosive playmakers in the game. When the Seahawks acquired him this offseason via trade, many experts anointed them the NFC West favorite. This could be a big blow to Russell Wilson’s high-flying offense. SID SARAF: Well, there goes my big fantasy plans. I was totally gonna draft Russell Wilson because he would have a weapon like Harvin on the outside. I was going to look like a genius! Now, all my best laid plans have gone to waste. Might as well pack it in and take Ben Roethlisberger or some other boring option in the 9th round. Sigh. And oh yeah, this hurts the Seahawks, too. Whatever. Now, we open up the floor to you. What do you think about Percy Harvin's potential injury? Respond in the comments:

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