Gut reaction: Falcons hand Matt Ryan a big extension

BY foxsports • July 25, 2013

When big news breaks, it brings out a visceral reaction. There's always that one thought that immediately flashes in your mind. It could be overboard or blown out of proportion, but it's your gut reaction.WHAT HAPPENED?

READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? • See the best action from training campAre you ready for fantasy football season?Take a look at NFL’s FOXiest fans The Falcons had been working to lock up their franchise QB Matt Ryan with a long-term deal. Well, it came down on Thursday as Ryan scored a five-year extension, worth as much as $103.75 million. Here is what we at Laces Out think about it: ROSS JONES: It’s a quarterback league and the Falcons understand that they have a franchise QB under center. This deal has been in the works since January and it finally got done. Although Matt Ryan only has one playoff win, he’s been to two Pro Bowls and has a 56-22 record since being drafted in 2008. This is a solid move for the team and Ryan gets $59 million guaranteed. SID SARAF: I never thought Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan were elite quarterbacks. Well, clearly I was wrong because now Ryan -- like Flacco -- is getting paid like a baller. OK, fine ... but still, one playoff win in five seasons? I can't really get over that. Plus, with the Falcons sinking a ton of money in their quarterback, what are they going to do when it's time to renew Julio Jones in a few years? I think I just convinced myself: I don't like this deal. There, I said it. Now, we open up the floor to you. What do you think about Matt Ryan's big payday? Respond in the comments: