Guess who? Can you figure out the identity of this ACC star?

BY foxsports • November 27, 2013

FOX Sports South ACC sideline reporter Jenn Hildreth gives you
inside look at some of the conference's biggest names. Can you figure
out who this week's mystery player

"Mama's Little Waterboy."

Why did I ever let my mother tell this story? I
guess now that it's out there, I might as well fill you in on the

You see, when I was little, my mama figured out
that nothing made me madder -- or made me play harder -- than if
someone was saying bad things about her (like Bobby Boucher in the Adam
Sandler movie, 'The Waterboy'). So, she just started making stuff up
about whatever team I was playing, so I'd go crazy and go hard after
them on the field!

I guess that worked pretty

I still go hard on the field, only now I'm not
so little ... and I don't play defense. I do block hard on special
teams, especially for our little freshman who leads the nation in punt
return touchdowns, and who I like to call, "an energetic little ball of
fun." Just wind him up and let him go! I can get away with that because I
hosted him when he visited our school, and well, because I'm

I do have a lot of fun with my teammates, and I
try to do all I can to help them and help our team win. My catches have
been down the last few games, but I get it. I was dealing with a little
bit of an injury, and I was also dealing with a whole lot of

I've seen everything, man, in the way teams
try to defend me, but the way I see it, no one can guard me on the
collegiate level. At least not one-on-one. That may sound cocky, but
I've worked hard to make it that way. And if they send more than one
defender at me, I know that means they're leaving one of my teammates
open, and so I'm still doing my job.

Someone asked
me, what makes a good tight end? I said you have to be able to produce
at any time.

My best asset as a tight end is how fast
I'm able to adjust to the defense. No matter how they try to play me,
I'll find my place.

Am I the top tight end in the
country? I wouldn't say that. But I would say that I play like I am -- I
go out to prove that, to myself, every single