Gina Carano rescues Bruce Willis in new 'Extraction' trailer

BY Damon Martin • November 20, 2015

As former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey embarks on two big movie shoots to kick off 2016, the first face of women's MMA Gina Carano has enjoyed a second career in Hollywood since her last fight in 2009.

Carano has a slew of films coming out in 2016, including a role in the highly anticipated "Deadpool" movie alongside Ryan Reynolds, and her latest trailer just dropped for a role she filmed alongside action legend Bruce Willis and Kellan Lutz.

The movie titled "Extraction" sees Willis' character kidnapped and his family decides to take matters into their own hands to come after him, including Lutz, who plays his son and Carano, who plays a CIA operative who gets in on the action as well.

Funny enough, Carano works with Lutz, who also starred in "The Expendables 3" alongside Rousey in 2014 in her first major film role after debuting in the UFC.

The movie lands in theaters and on-demand on Dec. 18 from Lionsgate.

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