FSU CB Nick Waisome takes down pair of thieves

BY foxsports • July 30, 2013

Florida State junior Nick Waisome has just 22 career tackles and may not yet be a "lock down corner," but he has already helped lock up a few thieves.
Waisome returned to his Tallahassee apartment on the morning of July 5 and came across two burglars. According to a Tallahassee Police Department report, Waisome tried to initially avoid a confrontation and exited through the front door.
But Waisome then ran into the backyard and got into an altercation with one of the suspects, Mario Crawford. The FSU defensive back knocked Crawford to the ground. 
Waisome then went to the front of the apartment to pursue the other suspect, Tavares Rumph. Waisome ran him down, making sure that Rumph was not able to escape by jumping into a friend's car. The car, which Waisome later identified as a gold Chevy Impala, left the complex in reverse so that Waisome could not see the license plate.
TPD arrested Rumph, but Crawford had gotten away.

On July 23, Waisome was at a nearby gas station and saw the Impala in question. He wrote down the tag and later saw Crawford leaving the gas station wearing camouflage shorts that had been taken during the robbery.
He turned over the license plate information to TPD, which linked the Impala to Crawford's girlfriend.
Crawford was arrested on Friday and faces multiple charges. The suspects allegedly stole two guns and about $5,000 in computers, TVs and electronic equipment.

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