Free PEEPS for Cowboys' safety Church?

BY foxsports • August 2, 2013

Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church would be wise to stay away from the sweets after a recent visit to the dentist.

But he just can't say no to a big treat.

Church needed a root canal earlier this week after chipping his tooth on a Jolly Rancher. The cherry-flavored piece of candy forced him to miss practice at Cowboys training camp on Monday.

Following the procedure, Church said, "No more Jolly Ranchers…I've got to stick to the soft stuff."

Something soft came calling.

PEEPS, the marshmallow candies most commonly sold during Easter, has reached out to Church, according to

After hearing about Church's tooth, PEEPS reportedly gave him a sweet deal.

"So here is our sweet offer: Since we produce everyone's favorite combination of sweet colored sugar and fluffy marshmallows, PEEPS Brand would like to provide you with a season's worth assortment of PEEPS, plenty of soft, marshmallowy goodness that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your dental procedures to a minimum. We will send you a wide array of flavors and shapes to carry you and your teammates through the football season."

"I'll definitely take the year's supply of PEEPS," Church told ESPN Dallas. "It's a good candy. I'll be able to share the wealth with everybody."

Despite his earlier statement of "no more Jolly Ranchers," Church says it is just too good to give up forever.

"I'm not going to swear off them, because they're a really tasty candy," he told ESPN Dallas. "I'm definitely probably going to have one or two of them in the future, but I'm going to try to hold back on them."

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