Former Packers executive Wolf named to Pro Football Hall of Fame

BY foxsports • January 31, 2015

Ron Wolf turned the Green Bay Packers from a franchise with only four winning seasons in the previous two decades into one of the league's most consistently successful teams. Wolf's contributions to the Packers and the NFL made him a 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame selection.

"The turnaround Ron Wolf directed for the Green Bay Packers is probably as significant as any in the history of the NFL," former president and CEO Bob Harlan said in a statement. "Ron changed the culture for the Packers and turned it into a positive, winning environment."

Among Wolf's most notable moments in Green Bay were hiring Mike Holmgren as head coach, trading for quarterback Brett Favre and signing defensive end Reggie White.

"It was an amazing turnaround and without Ron it would not have happened," Harlan continued. "I have no doubt about it."

From 1992 until 2000, under Wolf's guidance the Packers had the second-best record in the NFL, going 92-52 in that span. That included seven consecutive winning seasons, six playoff appearances and one Super Bowl title.

Favre became a three-time league MVP in the mid-'90s, just a few years after Wolf acquired him from the Atlanta Falcons.

"I owe much to Ron as he traded for me and brought me to the Green Bay Packers," Favre said. "As players, we knew Ron worked hard to continually make the team better and gave the Packers great credibility in the NFL. He built Green Bay into a championship team that contended each year. His legacy of success continues today."

Wolf began as a scout for the Oakland Raiders in 1963 and was hired by the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1975 as general manager.

But it was Wolf's success in Green Bay that made him worthy of the Hall of Fame.

"As a first-time head coach in the National Football League, I was fortunate to be partnered with Ron Wolf, who was not only the best general manager in the business, but also very much a mentor to me in all things about the NFL," Holmgren said. "In all our years together, while we didn't agree on everything, we never had a harsh moment. Anything that he decided, as my boss with my help, was in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers. It was a privilege to work with him and I consider him a good friend."

Wolf is the 23rd member of the Packers to be elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"I would like to offer my congratulations to Ron on his selection into the Pro Football Hall of Fame," current Packers general manager Ted Thompson said. "The leadership and vision he brought to the Green Bay Packers continues to serve as an example for all of us in the organization. Personally, he has been a great friend and mentor and someone to who I owe a lot. This is a well-deserved honor for Ron and a great day for him, Edie, the Wolf family, the Packers and our fans."

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