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BY foxsports • October 1, 2009

Mike Harmon Fantasy Football Chat (10/01/2009) 



3:07 FOX Fantasy:  Welcome to Mike Harmon's fantasy football chat, everyone! Mike will be here shortly, so let's get the ball rolling and get your questions in early.

3:08 Mike Harmon:  Greetings and salutations, everyone.

3:08 Mike Harmon:  Welcome aboard another ranting session.

3:09 FOX Fantasy:  Jason leads off the afternoon with this one: Hey Mike! Who should i start this week between D Hester (playing DET), S Holmes, P Garcon, V Jackson?

3:10 Mike Harmon:  Jason -

Thanks for joining in. I like the call-out of the Detroit defense, for certain, but you cannot sit Vincent Jackson. I love the other options and wish you could find a way to slot them in somehow. But, if it's one and done, Jackson is the guy.

3:10 Mike Harmon:  You don't have Troy back in the secondary, and Jackson has been dominant. I like Holmes to get more involved this week and you know I love Garcon, but VJax stands tall.

3:11 FOX Fantasy:  Steve from Cleveland: Mike, I have a running bet with a friend of mine. Tell me who is going to win - I have total New Orleans Saints wins and he has total touchdowns by the Cleveland offense this season. Who wins?  Is Derek Anderson going to make any kind of difference? Or is it more of the same ugliness we saw under Quinn?

3:11 Mike Harmon:  Steve -

That will be used on FSR later today w/ Chris Myers and Steve Hartman. I'd love to see that poll question.

3:12 Mike Harmon:  

If Anderson was the guy, why did Quinn ever see the field?

3:12 Mike Harmon:  Go watch Mutiny on the Bounty for an inside look into the Cleveland locker room. Just a ridiculous situation. You have a trio of injured backs, Braylon Edwards is apathetic, and Anderson is just forcing the ball to force the ball.

3:13 Mike Harmon:  Saints wins

3:13 FOX Fantasy:  Patrick asks: Your thoughts on Gonzo from Indy & LT for rest of the season - will they get better, or do I cut my losses now?

3:15 Mike Harmon:  Patrick -

What are you going to do, cut them? Gonzo will be back and piling up receptions before long and LT could hit the field as soon as this week.

3:15 Mike Harmon:  With LT, I point to Sproles' production of the past two weeks. With the exception of that 81-yard sprint to the end zone, he's been ineffective.

3:16 FOX Fantasy:  Glen asks: Have you heard anything about Wes Welker? Is he supposed to play?

3:17 Mike Harmon:  Unfortunately, we're talking about the Patriots.


3:18 Mike Harmon:  That means, until the little, flashing, red "O" appears next to a player's name, we have no idea about a player's status. Welker did appear on the practice field Wednesday, but I suspect we (and I mean "we" because I own him, too) will be sweating it out on Sunday morning.

3:19 Mike Harmon:  I suspect he plays, but we'll have to wait and see. Lock onto for game-time info.

3:19 FOX Fantasy:  Brian asks: Is it time to throw in the towel on Antonio Bryant?

3:19 Mike Harmon:  Yes

3:19 Mike Harmon:  

Oh, wait. I'll elaborate.

3:20 Mike Harmon:  

The Buccaneers are battling the Browns and Raiders for the title of "Most Inept" for 2009. 86 yards!! Josh Johnson might be checking down to K2 and Derrick Ward, but I'm not expecting much in the downfield game. Bryant is waiver wire fodder right now unless you have a deep bench.

3:21 FOX Fantasy:  Jaysun in NC: FLEX question - Do I play Donald Brown or Sims-Walker this week?

3:22 Mike Harmon:  I love what Sims-Walker is bringing to the table in Jacksonville - back-to-back weeks with six receptions. I believe he has another solid game this weekend.

3:22 Mike Harmon:  However, you have to run with Brown

3:23 Mike Harmon:  He and Joseph Addai will both post strong games against a banged-up Seattle defense that is still expected to be without two linebackers.

3:23 FOX Fantasy:  Johnny is thinking about tight end futures: Who will end up with more fantasy points by the end of the season - John Carlson or Brent Celek?

3:24 Mike Harmon:  Johnny -

You have to sell your pumpkin futures BEFORE Halloween ....

3:25 Mike Harmon:  

OK, so that was a shameless Simpsons plug. I believe that Carlson is your guy, as much as I love Celek.

Lost in the box score were the number of near-misses between Seneca Wallace and Carlson last week against the Bears. He clearly has Wallace's attention and remains a focal point in the offense.

Still, it's a nice quandary to have ...

3:26 FOX Fantasy:  Keep them coming! jtweezy asks: What can we expect from Glen Coffee this week?

3:27 Mike Harmon:  

In my "Lock of the Week" piece for FOX Sports Net this week, I trumpeted the arrival of Coffee to the national radar.

3:28 Mike Harmon:  He met the Wall of Williams in Week 3, averaging just about two yards per carry. This week, Coffee will find some nice, spacious running lanes against St. Louis.

As he told me during an interview in May, "I like to run over people."

3:29 FOX Fantasy:  Chris asks: Mike, I know you love this guy. What are your thoughts on Steve Slaton? A good buy-low guy? And does he start to get goal-line carries anytime soon?


3:30 Mike Harmon:  Chris -

The goal-line situation concerns me, although Chris Brown's fumble last week probably puts those back up for grabs.

He still amassed over 100 yards of total offense last week, so I'm optimistic that better days lay ahead. Remember, the schedule-makers gave him a couple tough early matchups against stout run defenses. I believe that he's a good buy-low option.

3:31 Mike Harmon:  How do you not love a matchup against the Raiders?

3:31 FOX Fantasy:  Hank asks: Mike, should I start Knowshon Moreno (vs. Dal) or Ray Rice (at NE) this week?

3:33 Mike Harmon:  Hank -

I'm liking some Knowshon Moreno this week against the Cowboys. His workload has been ramping up, and though he'll cede some carries to Buckhalter, I believe that he'll be leaned on heavily this weekend.

Rice is a great option, but the Willis McGahee red zone vulture presence puts him on the bench here.

3:33 FOX Fantasy:  Adam asks: If I drop the NE defense to pick up Cincinati D, will I regret it later? Denver is my other D on my roster.

3:35 Mike Harmon:  Adam -

You will certainly not regret it this week. Antwan Odom and company will terrorize Derek Anderson.

3:36 Mike Harmon:  New England is a solid option, but not an overwhelming fantasy defense. Denver is fine, but they shan't play the Browns and Raiders every week.

3:36 FOX Fantasy:  Kel asks: Who should I start in the FLEX? Juilius Jones, TJ Houshmandzadeh, TO or Fred Jackson?

3:37 Mike Harmon:  

Kel -

Without hesitation, you're starting Julius Jones against the Colts. The Seahawks will not abandon the run as Arizona did last week!

My producer is telling me to stop typing on this question before I begin a 20-minute tirade.

3:37 FOX Fantasy:  SDM asks: Mike, would you start Jay Cutler over Tom Brady for week 4? Brady has not been very impressive yet. And besides week 1, Cutler seems to have gotten more confortable with his recievers.

3:38 Mike Harmon:  


Cutler has gotten comfortable, and you have the terrible, atrocious, horrid DET defense on the schedule. He's a must-start this week.

3:39 Mike Harmon:  FWIW, Willie Parker missed practice --

3:40 FOX Fantasy:  Dave asks: Does Ladell Betts take over in Wash. at some point this year?

Which QB will have a better Week 4?
Tom Brady vs. BAL
 ( 30% )
Jay Cutler vs. DET
 ( 70% )

3:42 Mike Harmon:  Dave -

That's a fine question. I believe you may see more of him, but I don't believe Portis gets pulled to the sidelines unless he's hurt.

Still, as bad as things have looked in Washington, they still have three straight winnable games on the schedule before a Week 7 matchup with the Eagles. And, these are games where fantasy points could be plentiful.

3:42 Mike Harmon:  If you have a bench slot, stash him there.

3:43 FOX Fantasy:  Pierre Thomas (presumably taking a break from practice) asks: Do I still have the FLU BUG? Or how will I perform this Sunday against the Jets? 100 yds + 1 TD?

3:43 Mike Harmon:  Pierre -

Nice effort in the second half of that game. Are you sick or hurt, or are is the NFL injury report just a piece of paper?

3:44 Mike Harmon:  Unless you plan on busting off a huge run, which is possible if you can elude that attack at the line of scrimmage, then you're not coming anywhere near 100 yards. You're a solid RB2 or Flex play, but I'm not optimistic that you're running wild in this one.

3:45 FOX Fantasy:  Matt asks: Hey Mike, I have a chance to trade for either Michael Turner or Maurice Jones Drew. Which do you like better?

3:47 Mike Harmon:  Matt -

If given the opportunity, I'm running with Turner for the duration. There are a few tough spots on the schedule, to be sure, but there are also a number of spots for greatness. He gets a slight edge here.

3:48 FOX Fantasy:  Tim wants to know: Will DeAngelo Williams ever get back on track with Jake Delhomme's (and the Panthers D's) struggles?

3:49 Mike Harmon:  Tim -

The struggles are there, but remember, Williams didn't go on his tear until the second half of last season. I'm certainly not predicting a run back to his greatness of 2008, but I do believe that better days are ahead.

The Bye week couldn't come at a better time!

3:50 FOX Fantasy:  Chris asks: Beanie Wells - from preseason hype to MIA (missing in action, not Miami). Do you see him getting back in the action after Arizona's bye week? Is he even worth owning at this point?

3:51 Mike Harmon:  Chris -

Great question. Clearly, Wells' fumble issues are a problem for Ken Whisenhunt and company. The fact that they called a play-action pass on the one-yard line tells you everything!

Depending on the size of your bench, Wells could stay on your roster. However, it's going to be a couple weeks until he receives a larger run.

3:51 Mike Harmon:  How do you not run on a banged-up Indy team?!

3:52 FOX Fantasy:  Sam from NYC asks: Is Torry Holt even worth keeping on the roster any more? It doesn't seem like Garrard is looking his way.

3:54 Mike Harmon:  Sam -

Holt's still getting his looks, but clearly, he's not a game-breaker anymore.

Mike Sims-Walker is a solid option opposite him.

At this juncture, Holt's still worthy of a look-see in PPR league, but he's more of a plug-in option at this juncture.

3:54 FOX Fantasy:  John asks: In what order do you rate the following for this week? S. Slaton, P. Thomas, G. Coffee, R. Moss, A. Johnson, D. Hester?

3:55 Mike Harmon:  John -

Let's do rapid fire ...

1. Andre Johnson
2. Glen Coffee
3. Steve Slaton
4. Randy Moss
5. Devin Hester
6. Pierre Thomas

3:56 FOX Fantasy:  Trent from Buffalo: Do you think I'm a better option this week against a soft Miami D than Tom Brady?

3:56 Mike Harmon:  If we don't get to your question here, hit up the FOX Fantasy Football show at
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3:58 Mike Harmon:  Trent -

I'm intrigued by your matchup this weekend. Marshawn Lynch returns to the backfield and I suspect that TO gets the ball frequently.

However, it's going into Brady's hands here. You may see a few more Gostkowski field goals, but Brady will move the ball on the Ravens.

3:58 FOX Fantasy:  Attornator (huh?) asks: Mike, I have been offered Brandon Jacobs for Larry Fitzgerald straight-up. I have the shaky Portis, T. Hightower, and picked up Denver's Buckhalter as a backup RB. At WR, I own Moss (and Fitzgerald at the moment), D. Hester, C. Stuckey, and Andre Caldwell. Should I reject the trade?

4:00 Mike Harmon:  Attornator -

I would want to see another wide receiver or something come back in the deal. However, you most definitely want to upgrade your backfield. I believe that I'd counter with Moss and sell the double-digit reception totals.

4:00 FOX Fantasy:  Henry asks: Pick two for this week...Bowe, Royal, Berrian, or Gage.

4:01 Mike Harmon:  Henry -

Gage against Jacksonville and Bowe with a slight edge over Berrian. I can't trust Royal at this point (6 for 42 through three games?).

4:01 FOX Fantasy:  Lee Michaels asks: With a hurt QB coming back next week. Do I play Campbell, Garrard, Edwards, or Hill?

4:03 Mike Harmon:  

Lee --

Good to hear from you, sir!

I would rank them in this order:

1. Hill vs. STL
2. Campbell vs. TB
3. Garrard vs. TEN (could surprise, particularly now that his radio show was canceled by his coach)
4. Edwards vs. MIA

4:03 FOX Fantasy:  Poor Chris: I'm so confused - Rice, McFadden or Grant this weekend???

4:04 Mike Harmon:  Chris -

Pull out the mat and light a candle. We'll get through this!

4:06 Mike Harmon:  

I'd rank them this way ---

1. Rice - he finally found the end zone and should find space this weekend.
2. McFadden - despite the fumbles, the HOU run D has been ridiculous
3. Grant - the Williams Wall is mighty formidable

4:06 FOX Fantasy:  Don asks: How will Ronnie Brown's performance change up/down with the new QB HENNE?

4:07 Mike Harmon:  Don -

I don't believe we're seeing much of anything different here. Henne will still hit the short routes with Bess and company.

I expect to see more touches from Brown and Ricky Williams (quietly averaging 4.8 yards per carry).

4:08 Mike Harmon:  Brown remains a strong RB2.

4:08 FOX Fantasy:  The final question of the day comes from Kathy from MD: Mike, Kathy here from MD. I'm really stumped this week...3-0 so far! But have a tough call this week... We have flex and can use a TE as well as RB or WR. (no ppr) I have D. Clark as my TE. Who do you think i should start at WR and Flex? I have R. Moss. M. Sims-Walker, B. Marshall, Shockey, and Pierre Garcon. Need two WR's and a Flex. Thanks so much. Love the radio show and your chat.

4:08 Mike Harmon:  

Kathy -

Great to hear from you! Welcome back into the mix. Let's break it down.

4:10 Mike Harmon:  

We're still going to get Randy Moss into the mix this weekend. Brady can make plays against that secondary.

As for the other slot, I have to slide Pierre Garcon in there, a slight edge over Shockey (love him for a big week). The Seahawks are still banged up, so you're going to see Manning go to work downfield.

4:12 Mike Harmon:  Lock and load, everybody. Thanks so much for jumping in here and talking some football.

We'll be answering your sit/start questions and addressing the injury issues on our FOX Fantasy Football show ( and XM 142) and on Twitter at and

Good luck, everyone!

4:12 FOX Fantasy:  Thanks for stopping in today, everyone! Keep those questions coming. Roger Rotter will be here with you on Sunday morning for all your last-second needs. See you then!