Felix Jones will continue to return kickoffs

BY foxsports • September 19, 2012

IRVING – Jason Garrett said Wednesday that Felix Jones will continue to return kickoffs for the Cowboys.

Despite Jones fumbling the opening kickoff last Sunday in Seattle and showcasing little ability to make defenders miss, the Cowboys coach defended his primary kick returner on Wednesday.

"Felix has been such a good player for us," Garrett said. "He's coming off the injury from last year and if you just look at his track record as a play-making type player, both on offense and in the kicking game, he's been pretty darn good."

Garrett pointed out the fumble but added that, "Felix does not have a huge history of having turnovers."

"When you really evaluate any player, you evaluate his most recent game but you also evaluate his body of work," Garrett said. "Felix's body of work has been pretty darn good. We will have Felix back there. We will have Dez back there, but we will also have some other options based on what the situations are both as a kickoff returner and a punt returner."

Garrett said after Sunday's 27-7 loss in Seattle that the Cowboys would "evaluate" the kick return options this week. Jones has had only one carry this season, so taking away his special teams duties would leave the fifth-year running back with little to no playing time.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones suggested Tuesday on KRLD-FM that Felix Jones would continue to return kicks.

"He should be a great asset for us and that's the way it remains," the owner said.

Does that bother Garrett that Jerry Jones made those comments?

"One of the things that I think we do a really good job of in this organization is we discuss things," Garrett explained Wednesday. "The Joneses and I discuss a lot of things. Our staff and I discuss a lot of things. We discuss a lot of things with our pro personnel and our college scouting departments. So the lines of communication are open. There's nothing that's going to be my decision or his decision or that guy's decision or this guy's decision.

"If we're talking about a player playing, Joe (DeCamillis) has a huge role in who's going to be our returner. Now is he going to make the decision? No. I'm going to get involved in that discussion. Other people are going to get involved in that discussion. It's just the way it works. We think that's a good thing. Different people have different perspectives and different insights and then we come to a conclusion that we all think is good.

"We've never had any issues that way regarding personnel or really any kind of decision we have to make as an organization."