Falcons to sell alcohol-infused cupcakes at Georgia Dome

BY foxsports • August 15, 2014

Delights by Dawn, a cupcake company based in Atlanta, advertises with the tagline, "Intoxicating Desserts to Warm the Soul." That must have sounded pretty good to the hometown NFL team, as the Atlanta Falcons will sell the desserts at the Georgia Dome this season.

The interesting part about selling cupcakes at a football game? The company lives up to its nickname: the cupcakes are infused with alcohol.

Along with the usual selection of adult beverages, the Georgia Dome is entering the world of adult desserts. The franchise has dabbled in interesting food choices before -- keep in mind, this is the same team that unleashed The Game Changer, the pulled pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese, bacon and onion rings, last year -- and with alcoholic cupcakes, called Toxycakes, it isn't turning back any time soon.

The "Dawn" portion of the company name is, of course, in reference to owner Dawn Belisle pictured above -- not the advised time in which to consume the delectables. According to her website, the company offers 11 different flavors, including Apple Fireball Cinnamon, Chocolate Cherry Bourbon, Key Lime Margarita and White Almond Amaretto.

On the site, the cupcakes cost anywhere from $37 to $40 per dozen.

"As people do not have the time to bake and even learn to bake, Delights by Dawn provides quality, homemade cakes like those from mom or grandma. However, I decided to spice it up a bit and make quality, homemade cakes with a touch of adulthood," the company bio reads. "Our specialty cakes have real liquor in them to add something a little different, a little special and a little something to warm the soul."

This deserves its own Hard Knocks segment.

(Note: An earlier edition of this story listed an incorrect price for the toxycakes. The story has been updated to reflect the cost per dozen cupcakes.)

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