Executive throws anonymous dagger at Alexi Ogando

BY foxsports • January 12, 2015

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported in his baseball notes on Sunday that an American League executive told him that free agent pitcher Alexi Ogando'€™s medicals on his shoulder "don'€™t look great." This is an outrageously unethical and reprehensible move by the executive in an attempt to damage the market for Ogando.

Not only is this borderline illegal, but it is cowardly, as he has done it anonymously. There are a lot of respectable baseball executives in the game, this unfortunately is not an example of one of them.

People will feed insiders information in this business and that is what keeps the rumor mill going. Baseball fans and analysts like myself eat it up, but this kind of information is sleazy and a blatant sign of an agenda, either for his own team or because he has a personal ax to grind with Ogando or his agent, Larry Reynolds.

Reynolds denied the executive's comments to MLB Trade Rumors, saying that Ogando was throwing 92-93 mph in a bullpen session last week and will be pitching on Day 1 of Spring Training.

There isn't a team in baseball that is interested in signing Ogando that won't look at his medicals first based on his history. The leaking of this information makes no sense and shows a lack of professionalism.

My guess is the term "executive" was used loosely here. The worst part is there will be no accountability, the beauty of being a source. 

Of course when you don't speak anonymously and mess up, then you have to apologize. It hasn't been a great offseason for loose-lipped baseball executives.

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