'Dr. Cronin' has a tourney 'excuse note' for Bearcats fans

'Dr. Cronin' has a tourney 'excuse note' for Bearcats fans

Published Mar. 20, 2014 9:49 a.m. ET

Feel a basketball fever coming on as March Madness gets underway? No need to call your doctor or scribble a fake note if you want to skip out on the day's commitments to watch the Bearcats take on Harvard Thursday afternoon.

The University of Cincinnati already has you covered.

In an email sent out by the school Thursday morning, "Dr. Mick Cronin," also known as Cincinnati head coach, has done a very thorough evaluation and given fans the go-ahead to skip school, work or any other activity to watch the game.

Now, the university does note that Cronin is a doctor of basketball, not medicine.


Get ready for this one -- will he have the prescription for success to beat the Crimson?

Bearcats fans hope so -- and that whooping cough doesn't hinder screaming at the television too drastically.