Dooley talks social media, Saban doesn't

Dooley talks social media, Saban doesn't

Published Jul. 19, 2012 11:14 a.m. ET

Derek Dooley fully embraces social media. The fact of the matter is, it's the way the current generation of players communicate. Throw texting into that mix and it's totally different from how coach Dooley is used to doing things.

“What's changed more than anything is the social media, so players have access to information to things they never had,” Dooley said.  “Coaches used to shape the messages and shaped how a player thought and they left and that's how a player thought. Now we have three hours with them to shape how they think and then they have 18 hours of reshaping by someone else's opinion. So that is a challenge and I just think it's important to stay connected to them, having a lot of dialogue and recognizing how destructive worrying about the external fodder can be.”

Nick Saban simply prefers not to participate.

As Barret Jones put it, “There are few certainties in life. Death, taxes, and Nick Saban not on Twitter.”