Dodgers traded everyone but ... Santa?

BY foxsports • December 11, 2014

The annual Dodgers Children's Holiday Party was Thursday, and the only player who was scheduled to attend -- Dee Gordon -- had been traded in the previous 24 hours.

Many kids woke up to the news that Matt Kemp was traded to the Padres, but the clubs have yet to confirm the deal.

Santa was scheduled to attend the festivities, but I had to see for myself if the Dodgers had traded him, too.

"Not yet," Santa said, whose first name is Wayne. "Maybe to the South Pole!"

Who doesn't love a Santa with good humor?

He was there, in all his white curly beard and red suit glory.  

Still, it was a lovely event with toys and gifts and fun for the 450 children, ages 7-11, who got to spend half a day at Dodger Stadium.

They received new shoes, donated by Sketchers, and lunch provided by Levy Restaurants and toys provided by Mattel Children's Foundation and a snow slide donated by Artic Glacier Ice.  

Santa found out it was Daniel's birthday during the introduction ceremony, so Santa interrupted executive vice president Bob Wolfe to ask everyone to sing "happy birthday" to Daniel.

It was a nice gesture for Daniel -- who, by the way, was wearing his Matt Kemp jersey -- on his special day.

Wishing to undo a baseball trade is something even the legendary Santa can't pull off.

How to explain to a kid that the Dodgers are trading and trading and trading some more at baseball's Winter Meetings? The Dodgers won 94 games and won the NL West but lost in the first round of the playoffs, so a new master plan is in the works.

New Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman and new general manager Farhan Zaidi are making their mark all right. They traded with the Angels for Howie Kendrick for heralded left-handed minor-leaguer Andrew Heaney. Daren Haren was dealt to Florida. They're probably not done yet, either.

Instead of the "Twelve Days of Christmas," the Adam Sandler should make a spinoff called the "Twelve Players Traded."

Still, the Dodgers made a nice day for the kids. Some former players, like Matt Luke, Dennis Powell, Al Ferrara and others were there to sign autographs and chat with kids.

The snow slide was a hit. Many kids had never seen fake snow, after all. They hopped on saucers and made their way down a hill. The only thing better would've been if Yasiel Puig had been there, surely toppling over halfway down the hill and providing plenty of laughs.

Gordon had been flown in for the week to attend several charity events, which he did, until he became a Marlin.

Children had a grand time throwing fake snowballs and enjoyed a photo opportunity in front of a green screen that would later turn out to be a picture of a winter wonderland at Dodger Stadium. They dined inside the Stadium Club with the field in the background.

Wonder what the Dodgers told kids about some of their favorite players being traded?

No one had asked, according to a Dodgers official. 

Their parents will have to have that tough conversation later. 

Santa was there to take pictures with kids but midway through the event, he couldn't be found. Earlier, he mentioned he had to go to work at his day job at a non-profit.

He wasn't in the break room, and he wasn't eating lunch. Finally, officials learned he had left.

Perhaps, the Dodgers really did trade Santa.

Wonder how Puig looks in a Santa suit.