Dez: Memorial service, then visit to doctors

December 11, 2012

IRVING, Texas – Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says the play-or-not-play determination on Dez Bryant's fractured finger will be "a medical decision.'' Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday that Dez himself will have the "ultimate decision" about undergoing the season-ending surgery that on Monday afternoon club sources said they considered "all-but'' inevitable.

And now Dez's advisor and friend, David Wells, tells 105.3 The Fan that Bryant will today follow his attendance of the memorial service in honor of late teammate Jerry Brown with another visit with doctors in search of approval to allow him to continue playing this season.

"You know Dez,'' Wells said. "He's not going to give up trying. More than anything in the world, he wants to play.''

If Bryant and medical personnel are able to find a way – whether that means a protective device, pain medication or the accepted risk of permanent damage to the finger – among the most surprised people involved will be Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant himself.

On Monday, Bryant himself was telling associates that doctors were advising him against trying to play. Meanwhile, Jones' front office was in the process of shifting Bryant to injured reserve for the season.

All along, of course, there has been the slight chance of hope – combined with the strength of Bryant's will.

"I know he wants to play," Jones said. "Dez will be the ultimate decision-maker on surgery or playing with some kind of padding. … Make no mistake about it. Dez is champing at the bit and wants to take the route of playing."

The Cowboys are 7-6 and in playoff contention despite having lost one-third of the team's starters to season-ending injury. Jones is well aware of all that is on the line here.

"Certainly, we're very mindful of everything involved here and are making sure that everyone, mostly Dez, has all the right information so that he and we can make a decision," Jones said. "We know a lot right now and we'll get a little more information here over the next day or so."