Daniel Cormier's barber gives him the Carlos Boozer treatment

BY Jonathan Bradley • January 29, 2016

There are a few different ways to deal male pattern baldness. Some guys shave it all off. Some even go as far as opting for implants to regain what they've lost (*cough, cough* Brian Urlacher *cough, cough*).

Others just choose to embrace it and appreciate what they still have. That's the approach Daniel Cormier had been taking . . . that is until he visited a Newark barbershop Friday before Saturday night's UFC Fight Night, where the barber decided to hook his hairline up with some "touch-up spray" aka, the Carlos Boozer.

It doesn't look nearly as bad as Boozer's, but as Cormier said in his post, we all know that he's balding. So hitting the UFC on FOX desk on Friday and Saturday with a crisp shape-up really isn't ideal.

At least Cormier was a good sport about it.