Daily Buzz: Plumber's unexpected dream encounter with Ali goes viral

January 23, 2014

A Kentucky plumber named Tony Kelly was doing some work in a Louisville suburb last Friday, installing plumbing in a basement renovation, when some of the other workers on his crew mentioned that the house next door belonged to Muhammad Ali.

So Kelly, an Irish-born Ali fan, did what any normal person would do and went next door to see if he could say hello.

Expecting to be turned away —€” or ignored altogether — Kelly knocked on the door of Ali's home, and was surprised to have Ali's wife, Yolanda, answer. Then, according to WDRB, Yolanda told Kelly to come back in an hour and meet the former heavyweight champ.

Kelly did as he was told, and when he returned, he not only got to meet Ali, whose great-grandfather was Irish, and pose for photos —€” he also got to wish Ali a happy 72nd birthday.


"He was just sitting there, I was star struck,"€ Kelly told WDRB. "It was just great to meet him. He shook my hand. He posed for a couple pictures with me. It's very cool."

So remember, kids, if you want to crash a celebrity's birthday party, all you have to do is knock on his door. It's that easy. (But seriously, don't do that.)

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