Daily Buzz: Is Tiger Woods too buff for his own good?

BY Sam Gardner • January 28, 2014

Tiger Woods missed the third-round cut after shooting a 79 on Saturday at last week's Farmers Insurance Open, and according to Woods'€™ former swing coach, the World No. 1's struggles to start 2014 may be a side effect of Woods being too buff.

Speaking on his SiriusXM radio show Sunday, Hank Haney addressed Woods'€™ workout regimen, saying that his former pupil has€œ "overdone it"€ at the gym and his swing — recently re-worked by coach Sean Foley — is suffering as a result.

"€œMy opinion is he did too much of that,"€ Haney said of Woods' workouts, via Golf.com. "He does a lot of the gym stuff. I know you need to do some for golf, no doubt about it. You need to be in shape, you need to avoid injury, but my opinion is he really overdoes that.

"... I look at him now and a lot of guys mentioned on the telecast, he looks bigger this year. I think Peter Kostis mentioned that. He looks like he'€™s gained more muscle mass. When he was thinner and younger he was actually faster then. The strength maybe helps you get out of the rough but I'd agree that he's overdone it. But he loves to work out."€

Instead, Haney says, Woods'€™ time would be better spent on the putting green.

"Let me tell you what his real key to golf is, it'€™s getting out there and practicing his putting," Haney said. "€œHe had five three-putts in 54 holes at Torrey Pines and you're not going to fix that in the gym.

"... For him to go out and three-putt five times at Torrey Pines, I can'€™t even believe it. There's just no way that he put in the time on the putting green and practicing. It's impossible. He'€™s too good. His stroke is too consistent. He's too great a putter. ... He'€™s beat himself up, no doubt about it, but less time in the gym, more time on the putting green.

"There'€™s just no way he should three-putt five times. That'€™s just ridiculous. He'€™s Tiger Woods. That just can't happen."

For the record, Woods'€™ last major win came in 2008 — when he was coached by Haney.

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