Daily Buzz: All hail the Royal Baby

BY Sam Gardner • July 22, 2013

Britain is abuzz Monday with the news that Kate Middleton has gone into labor and a royal baby will soon join the population (update: It's a prince!). And that got us thinking, who are some of the biggest crybabies — or royal babies, if you will — in sports.

• It’s hard to start a list of royal babies without George Brett, an actual Royal baby who will forever be known as much for one hit that didn’t count as the 3,154 that did:

• Like Brett, John McEnroe’s career will also be defined for some by his reputation as a outburst-prone baby instead of his legacy as a seven-time singles Grand Slam champion:

• You don’t just get the name “Big Baby” without being, well, a big baby every once in a while:

• Terrell Owens joined this class when he got a little too emotional defending quarterback Tony Romo:

• We don’t need to defend our selection of Kyle Busch as NASCAR’s biggest crybaby, because he did it for us in this post-race interview:

• Brett Favre turned on the waterworks during one of his retirement speeches:

• Dick Vermeil was an emotional coach who was known to cry every once in a while, including here, after his final game as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs:

• At the college level, Adam Morrison couldn’t hold back the tears after a Sweet 16 loss to UCLA:

• And, of course, no list of royal babies would be complete without an appearance from Tim Tebow:

So congratulations to the new royal baby — you’ve got quite a reputation to live up to. Now, for some links that you may have missed over the weekend:

• Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison's excuse for barking at a police dog? The dog barked at him first.

• A man in Cuba is suing Yasiel Puig for $12 million.

• Brad Stevens' wife helped negotiate his new contract with the Boston Celtics.

• Jose Reyes got hit in a sensitive area with a pickoff throw:

• Mariano Rivera received a standing ovation at Fenway Park and a Boston steakhouse.

• If you are a football player planning to rob a house, it's probably best not to wear your team-issued sweatpants with your number on them.

• Here is a Twins batboy spinning a helmet like a basketball:

• Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck broke his upper and lower jaw… as part of a procedure to correct his sleep apnea.

• Here’s a baseball player getting taken out by a skydiver:

• Service dog alerts diabetic golfer to shifts in blood sugar levels.

• Rex Ryan is down to just 230 pounds and his waist size has shrunk from a 50 to a 36.

• Milwakuee:

• Manti Te'o has the highest-selling jersey among 2013 rookies. And a girlfriend in Niagara Falls.

• Two champions of progress, Robbie Rogers and Jason Collins pose for a photo:

• Another Blue Jays loss led pitcher Mark Buehrle to wonder if his team was overrated to begin with this season.

• This Arkansas supporter is no fan of LSU:

• Mike Brown has no hard feelings as he gets back to work with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

• Dick Vitale seems to have enjoyed this John Mayer concert:

• Unlike his brother Maurkice, Mike Pouncey doesn't seem particularly interested in speaking about his "Free Hernandez" hat.

Via Deadspin, this is why you don't laugh at people who flinch when a foul ball comes back at the net:

• White Sox OF Alex Rios was not pleased with manager Robin Ventura after Ventura benched him, so he responded with a grand slam the next night.

• An estimated 1,000 Montreal Expos fans stormed a Blue Jays-Rays game to make a statement about wanting the Expos to return.

• After not scoring a single run against the Brewers this weekend, the Miami Marlins have gone 37 innings without a run — the longest streak since 1985.

• Glen Perkins corrected the Cleveland Indians when they got his name wrong on Twitter:

• Jerry Jones says the NFL is " closer than ever" to a return to Los Angeles.

• The San Diego Union-Tribune has a great read on sportswriter Jill Lieber Steeg.

• The A-Rod saga drags on.

• The Stanley Cup went water skiing this weekend:

• Gal Mekel's journey has taken him from Israel to the Dallas Mavericks.

• No big deal, just Charl Schwartzel driving a 450-yard green: