Dad gives son foul ball ... son throws it back!

BY foxsports • April 14, 2013

Most kids dream of catching a homer or foul ball during a trip to their local Major League ballpark.

But not all kids. Just look at what happened Sunday at the Coliseum in Oakland.

During a game in which the hometown A’s would be pummeled by the visiting Detroit Tigers 10-1, a foul ball came into the stands at was caught by a well-meaning fan. He promptly handed the ball to man who appeared to be at the game with his wife and two boys, and the ball was handed to the younger of the boys. That’s when a touching moment suddenly took a heartbreaking turn.

The boy immediately took the ball and tossed it right back onto the field. The father, thanking the man who originally caught the ball while his son made the toss, at first seemed unaware of what happened. Once the father realized what went down, it looks like the little guy realized he had made a Sandlot-sized dad-baseball boo-boo and buried his head in his glove. His older brother looked none too pleased, as well.

Moments later, FOX Sports Detroit play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba proclaimed: "Doesn't the kid know foul balls are golden!"

The story has a happy ending, though. The TV announcers reported that an usher brought the ball back to the family.

Watch the above video to see the happy — and not-so-happy — moments.

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